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Environmental Concern physical address, fax, and phone number


Suzanne Pittenger-Slear
President/ CEO
(410) 745-9620 x201
email: sslear@wetland.org

Paige Cahall
Treasurer/ Senior Administrative Assistant
(410) 745-9620 x208
email: poutten@wetland.org

(410) 745-9620 x200
email: reception@wetland.org

Maggie Lundy
Nursery Sales Coordinator
(410) 745-9620 x223
email: nursery-sales@wetland.org

Taylor Gordon
Wetland Program Coordinator
(410) 745-9620 x226
email: tgordon@wetland.org

Gene Slear
Senior Vice President
(410)745-9620 x202
email: construction@wetland.org

Jessica J. Lister, PWS, GISP
Vice President, Restoration and GIS Manager
(410) 745-9620 x218
email: restorewetlands@wetland.org

Diane Miller, PLA, PWS
Landscape Architect, Restoration Ecologist
(410) 745-9620 x216
email: restoration@wetland.org


EC Admin Staff
EC Admin staff get ready for the plant sale.

EC Nursery Staff with bucket of seeds
EC Nursery staff at work.


Shoreline Planting
EC Restoration Staff planting a Living Shoreline.