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Environmental Concern's pond designs incorporate planting shelves that encourage wetland plant growth which is an important component to a healthy and diversy ecosystem. We have created and restored freshwater ponds to serve a variety of purposes:

    • to improve habitat for amphibians, insects, birds, waterfowl.
    • to increase nutrient uptake helping to reduce algal blooms and ugly green water in summer.
    • to create a vegetative barrier to decrease the use of the pond by nuiscense goose populaitons.
    • to re-create a specific type of habitat as mitigation for habitat that has been lost.
    • to intercept stormwater runoff to protect local creeks and rivers.

For the example below, EC was asked to improve the habitat value of a small pond with steep mown banks. We enlarged the pond, graded the banks to create planting shelves, installed dead snags & a nest platform, planted a diverse mix of wetland plant, and created a protective buffer of warm season grasses & wildflowers. In a short time the plants were flourishing, waterfowl & turtles were spotted, & osprey had taken up residence.


Restored Pond



Pond before restoration

Pond buffer planting


Pond-grading banks


Wetland plants, including lizards tail