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Wetland On Wheels eisiting EC Educator

Classroom on Wheels

Grades: K - 5

Location: Your school

Duration: half or full day visits

Available: September - April

For information on scheduling, lesson options, and pricing please contact the EC Education Department at 410-745-9620 or by e-mail at



How it works:

You select from our K-5th grade lessons and provide a meeting space. An EC Wetland Educator will travel to your school to teach interactive wetland and watershed focused lessons.  Students will get to experience the exciting world of wetland habitats without having to leave your campus.  Lessons are correlated to MD, DE and VA standards.

EC provides:

  • K-5 curriculum correlated to the MD, VA, DE state curriculum standards.
  • Fun, interactive wetland lessons and activities led by a skilled Wetland Educator.
  • Materials and handouts for teacher use before and after the visit.

The school provides:

  • A standard sized (or larger) classroom space (some programs will require tables.)
  • Schedule of classes (including location, times, participant #s and grades) at least 2 business days prior to programs.
  • Teacher or chaperone must stay with each class.


Schools are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Program scheduling is flexible, however bundling programs of the same type is preferred (for example, all 4th grade classes back to back, or on the same day).

  • No more than 3 different types of programs can be held per day. 
  • 5-10 minutes are needed between programs
  • A 30 minute lunch break for the EC Educator is required
Wetland on Wheels-Student activity

 Lesson Descriptions:

  • Wetland Charm: Kindergarten, 30 min. program
    Students will learn the components of wetlands and their importance through a craft. 
  • Plants Make a Wetland: Grade 1, 30 min. program
    Students will study wetlands plants and their parts through stories and hands-on activities. 
  • Wetlands and Birds: Grade 2, 30 min. program
    Students will focus on wetland birds and their adaptations through hands-on activities.
  • What’s the Matter?: Grade 3, 60 min. program
    Students will trace energy as it changes forms, and moves up and down the wetland food chain.
  • Diversity of Life: Grade 4, 60 min. program
    Students will explore the adaptations that plants and animals have developed that allow them to survive in wetlands.
  • Cause and Effect: Grade 5, 60 min. program
    Students will investigate the effect of wetlands on water quality using indicator tests then comparing results to the biological needs of specific aquatic species.