WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands

Dig Wetland Soil
"Do You Dig Wetland Soil?" pg 231
Study the differences in texture, particle size, percolation rates, and color between wetland and upland soils.


Wonders of Wetlands


Workshop in Spanish
"Wetland in a Pan" pg 212
demonstrates wetland functions within a model watershed.


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WOW! Publication

Bringing Wetlands Into The Classroom and Across The Curriculum since 1991

WOW! has been called, "the most comprehensive introduction to wetland issues and definitions" by
the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands is an instructional guide for educators that provides a resourceful and creative collection of wetland activities, information, and ideas. WOW! includes: over 50 hands-on multidisciplinary activities in lessonplan format, extensive background information on wetlands, ideas for student action projects, and a wetlands resource guide.

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While you are not required to take a workshop to purchase a copy of WOW!, attendance at a workshop is highly recommended to build a strong foundation in wetland ecology and confidence in utilizing the activities.

WOW! For Educators: The half or full-day workshop will introduce you to the three parameters of wetlands (vegetation, soils, hydrology), wetland functions and values as well as management options all through fun and engaging activities. WOW! incorporates wetlands into reading, math, social studies, art or physical education lessons.

Activities in the book include:

  • Construct a dip net with a kitchen sieve and a broom handle
  • Build a watershed model using a paint pan
  • Get heart rates racing with a nutrient tag game
  • Explore urban planning with hydropoly and regulation rummy
  • Reinforce the concept of metaphors with a bag of mystery items
  • Dissect a cattail then make it into a boat
  • Study soil percolation rates with a coffee can
  • Identify wetland soil, critters and vegetation

WOW! For Facilitators: Become a certified WOW! Facilitator and join a national network of wetland educators eligible to teach WOW! Workshops and receive discounts on the purchase of WOW! books and earn points for educational resources.

Who Should Attend a WOW! Workshop? Educators of all levels from schools, outdoor education centers, wildlife refuges, and non-traditional programs will benefit from this hands-on introduction to WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands. Whether you are already familiar with wetlands or consider yourself a novice, there is something for everyone.

WOW! Correlation with Standards: A committee of educators has correlated WOW! Activities with the National Science Education Standards developed by the National Academy of Sciences. These correlations have been included as an appendix to the latest printing of the curriculum guide. In addition, the WOW! activities have been correlated with science content standards in several states, as seen at right.



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