POW! The Planning Of Wetlands

Build A Schoolyard Wetland Habitat With Your Students
Using POW! a class of students works together to create a sustainable habitat. They use aquatic plants and shovels to create a wetland home for wildlife. While creating this vital resource, students gain life skills, reinforce concepts learned in school, and feel empowered by making a positive difference in the environment and their community.

POW! cover POW! The Planning of Wetlands is a step-by-step guide for the design, construction and monitoring of a wetland on school grounds or within the community. The 25 exciting and challenging activities promote conservation and stimulate interests in community service, conservation, science, math and engineering careers. All activities are presented in lesson plan format with Student Activity Pages ready for copying.

Topics Include:

  • Wetland functions and values
  • Wetland regulations and permits
  • Use of topographic & NWI maps
  • Wetland Assessment Hydrological calculations
  • Land-use Planning Surveying
  • Vegetation analysis & selection
  • Biological monitoring

POW! The Planning of Wetlands Workshops lead participants through the steps of wetland creation by students for use as an outdoor classroom. Courses are held across the country and can be hosted at your site. Participants will understand the functions and values of wetlands and why they benefit an educational site. All phases of the creation process are reviewed during the course of a workshop.


For more information about POW! send email to:teachwetlands@wetland.org

POW! Students survey habitat site
Students measure their site for
wetland creation. 

POW! Workshop analyses soil
Workshop participants analyze soils
for wetland site. 

POW! Students design wetland
Students participate in wetland design
using POW! curriculum.