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Environmental Concern Celebrates Wetlands Every Day!

Because wetlands work for us, we need to work for wetlands!

We can all make a difference by making a connection to wetlands.
By restoring, creating and protecting wetlands, we can improve the health of our local, national, and international waterways.  

 Below are links and information on National and International celebrations as well as special events and contests brought to you by Environmental Concern.

Celebrate the Importance of Wetlands With the World on February 2nd, 2016

Wetlands for our Future: Sustainable Livelihoods is the theme for World Wetlands Day in 2016.

This theme is selected to demonstrate the vital role of wetlands for the future of humanity and specifically their relevance towards achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February. This day marks the anniversary of the  in 1971 when countries from around the world came together in the city of Ramsar, Iran and signed an Intergovernmental Treaty known as the Convention on Wetlands.  Since then, 163 countries have signed the Treaty, including the U.S., and 2,062 wetland sites have been designated as Wetlands of International Importance. In the U.S. there are currently 37 designated sites.

Wetlands are vital for human survival. They are among the world’s most productive environments; cradles of biological diversity that provide the water and productivity upon which countless species of plants and animals depend for survival.

Wetlands are indispensable for the countless benefits or “ecosystem services” that they provide humanity, ranging from freshwater supply, food and building materials, and biodiversity, to flood control, groundwater recharge, and climate change mitigation.

Yet study after study demonstrates that wetland area and quality continue to decline in most regions of the world. As a result, the ecosystem services that wetlands provide to people are compromised. 

Ramsar - World Wetlands Day

Ramsar - Convention on Wetlands

May is American Wetlands Month

American Wetlands Month was created in 1991 by EPA and its federal, state, tribal, local, non-profit, and private sector partners to celebrate the vital importance of wetlands to the Nation's ecological, economic, and social health and to educate Americans about the value of wetlands as a natural resource.

The annual celebration of American Wetlands Month in May inspires people to work throughout the year to protect, preserve, and expand wetlands.

American Wetlands Month - US Environmental Protection Agency

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Kapnick Center - Florida Everglades
Kapnick Center in Naples Florida will host World Wetlands Day Celebration.

Ramsar Convention on Wetlands